Our Mission

"The HeArd" is what?

The HeArd, a program of Theatrical Interpreting Services of Cleveland, Incorporated, (TISC, Inc.) 
is a body of professional sign language interpreters 
who serve the TISC, Inc mission by providing high-quality creative sign language interpretation to the public performing arts of Northeast Ohio.

"TISC, Inc." is what?

Theatrical Interpreting Services of Cleveland, Inc. (TISC, Inc.) is the non-profit organization that oversees all behind-the-scenes activities of the The HeArd.  Its volunteer board of trustees meets regularly in accord with specific by-laws and holds special committee meetings to handle ongoing decisions as needs arise.

Examples of work addressed by TISC, Inc. include:

-- Managing all financial activities of The HeArd

-- Fostering partnerships between HeArd interpreters and Deaf mentors and skilled sign consultants to ensure the linguistic
    integrity of The HeArd's work
-- Encouraging expanding professional development of HeArd interpreters through workshop and conference activities as well 
    as local signing events
-- Coordinating practicum relationships with local college institutions that run interpreting programs
-- Developing and facilitating guidelines for the theatrical venues that contract HeArd interpreters for performance interpreting 
-- Developing promotional and educational materials for heardwhatsup.com, for print production, and face-to-face 
    presentations in educational settings
-- Furthering the art and skill set of theatrical interpreting by conducting the HeArd's ongoing volunteer understudy program
... And an endless, growing list of other activities, continually generated through the enthusiastic discussion and efforts of 
    people serving within TISC, Inc. 

The TISC, Inc. Mission Statement

TISC, Inc., through the performing arts, is dedicated to advocating for Deaf and hard of hearing audience members by the provision of sign language interpreting services and by educating performing arts organizations and sign language students to the specific needs of this culture.  TISC will provide these services primarily in Greater Cleveland and other locations throughout the State of Ohio.